Home cooking: Get inspired by…the Singapore Navy?

Keeping morale high with a well-cooked meal is something Singapore’s naval chefs are experts at. So it is such a mouthwatering treat during this Circuit Breaker that they’ve decided to lift everyone’s spirits with a video series entitled “Cooking From Home With Our Naval Chefs” on Facebook and Instagram.

Each weekend since April 25, 2020, the Republic of Singapore Navy has published two posts – one on Saturday, one on Sunday – hashtagged #NavyCanCook, #CookingFromHome, and #NavalChefs.

Each video features a naval chef whipping up something yummy, be it a savoury main dish or a comforting dessert. And guess what? There’s bubble tea, too, ok!

Perhaps you’ll turn off that food delivery app or put away those cup noodles, and be inspired to venture into the kitchen to cook something up for a change.

We noticed if you shuffle some episodes around, you practically get a full meal!

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