Hong Kong police consider arming officers with electroshock devices

Police are looking at arming officers with weapons that stun suspects or entangle them in nets in a move that would bolster their response to protests in Hong Kong, the Post has learned.

Security experts and rank-and-file officers said the plan would help plug gaps in the force’s arsenal and provide safer alternative to firearms, but human rights groups warned of the health risks, such as cardiac arrest.

A senior police source said they had been comparing different models of electroshock devices and net guns available on the market.

“The purpose is to enrich the use-of-force options, instead of increasing the force level or bringing in lethal weapons,” the source told the Post.

“It benefits both officers and suspects, as the longer the suspect resists or struggles [during arrest], the higher the chance we both get hurt.”

The exploration of new hardware comes after police reviewed Operation Tiderider, which was launched in June last year to deal with street protests.

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