Hong Kong start-up that counts protesters applies AI to other uses in city

C&R Wise AI, the Hong Kong start-up that provided artificial intelligence technology to accurately count the number of street protesters in the city, is also helping universities and railway operators better manage their crowds as private businesses and the government in the former British colony step up their use of AI.

City University of Hong Kong is deploying the company’s EdgeAI system, which runs algorithms on an industrial computer to process images of people and objects, to count the number of students and teachers on campus to provide insights into crowd flow at major entrances and exits, according to Raymond Wong, founder and managing director of C&R Wise AI.

The technology is used in the city’s subway stations to provide an estimate of passenger waiting times during peak hours, while local gas companies deploy the AI system to detect entries to remote sites as well as leaks or rust on gas pipes that need repair.

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