Hotels in Japan turn to uniquely Japanese elements to woo tourists

TOKYO – As the number of foreign visitors to Japan continues to surge, unique hotels featuring quintessentially Japanese elements such as manga and robots have opened one after another.

There is an ongoing construction boom for hotels, with an eye on further increases in inbound foreign tourists, and some facilities are working to differentiate themselves from rival hotels.

Hotel Tavinos Hamamatsucho in Minato Ward, Tokyo is a case in point. Opened on Aug 1 by Fujita Kanko, the operator of Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and other facilities, the hotel’s interior design incorporates many elements that resemble scenes from manga.

These include a bedcover with an illustration of an egg being cracked for frying with the sound effect “paka” written in Japanese, and carpeting in the corridors with katakana characters reading “teku teku”, onomatopoeia that expresses the sound of footsteps.

“We paid a lot of attention not only to emphasising Japaneseness, but also to making the interior photogenic, so that young foreigners would spread information about the hotel on social media,” the hotel’s general manager said.

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