How a Hong Kong police officer is recovering from a box cutter attack

A Hong Kong police officer who was slashed in the neck by an anti-government protester in October has suffered permanent damage to his voice and will need long-term speech therapy, he revealed in an exclusive interview with the Post on Thursday.

“I am no hero. It is lucky that I was the one injured, not my colleagues. As a sergeant, I lead the team into battle and I must guarantee their safety,” Alex* said in a weak and slow voice.

“I could not leave my teammates behind and I would do exactly the same if it happened again. I think every officer with rank thinks like this. It is a matter of responsibility.

“But I owe my wife. She could have lost a husband. My two kids could have lost their father. How could they live?”

Alex remains on sick leave after he was slashed in Kwun Tong MTR station by a box cutter on October 13, when he was deployed to handle reports of criminal damage by a group of men wearing black. Whether he will be able to return to work remains in doubt.

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