How mobile phone insurance plans work – and whether they are worth paying for

Mobile phones have increasingly become a vital part of our lives.

From managing our appointments, accessing social media and the latest news, to taking photographs and keeping in touch with our friends and family, we are now reliant on them than ever before.

However, as manufacturers come up with phones with increasingly impressive functionality, phones prices have also been creeping up, which means phones need to last us for longer. During that time, a lot can happen to our phones. 

We could drop our phones, spill liquids on it, accidentally sit on it, or accidentally leave it behind somewhere.

Mobile phone insurance comes in as a possible solution to mitigate the cost of replacement if you are to lose or break your phone. 

But is this a great deal? What are some considerations you need to think about before signing up?

Let’s examine these questions in this article.

How do mobile phone insurance plans work?

While phone manufacturers provide warranty, they are typically limited to manufacturing defects for a duration of anywhere between three months and a year.

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