How to protect yourself against cyberattacks while working from home

Working from home means a lot of Zoom sessions, visiting various websites in the name of research and, well, a lot of online activities.

Unfortunately, as more people start to work from home, the number of cyberattacks has also increased. In Singapore, some people are using Covid-19 to phish for personal information or scam people of money.

The Government has also cautioned the public to be careful before clicking on links or believing information disseminated online.

But why do we have to be extra careful at home? Our internet security at home is usually more susceptible to cyber threats as it’s not as tightly controlled compared to that in the office.

So how can you guard against common cyberattack methods while working remotely? Teong Eng Guan, Vice President, ASEAN, Palo Alto Networks, shares eight ways you can protect yourself.

When searching online

Remember those 100,000 new domain names? Cybercriminals have been found to leverage online search terms by placing links to malware-distributing or ad-filled websites in web searches and social media results.

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