I tried an unagi sauce that’s literally 147 years old at new Japanese dining concept Gochi

If you’re working in the business district and sick of the usual lunch places, Gochi is a new dining concept space that brings together six popular Japanese food brands all under one cosy roof at Capital Square.

Unaemon is one of the new-to-market brands in Gochi.
PHOTO: AsiaOne/ Melissa Goh

Four of the brands are new to Singapore, and one particular joint that stood out when I went down for the opening was Unaemon; but that’s just because I have a weak spot for grilled eels.

Unaemon joins as a new contender in the unagi restaurant scene in Singapore, boasting almost 150 years of history.

Its selling point? The secret barbecue sauce has never been depleted and been constantly replenished since it was founded. 

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