I tried fixing my home’s wonky internet connection. Here’s how it turned out with Google Nest Wifi

Working from home would be a lot better if it didn’t coincide with the closure of schools, but otherwise, things have been pretty smooth.

Aside from the minor tech hiccups, that is. I can’t get a steady internet connection in my bedroom because of poor Wi-Fi coverage. 

I’ve had problems with the reach of my Wi-Fi, which I blame on the odd layout of my home. Aside from my room’s Wi-Fi situation, another spare room at the end of my apartment’s hallway has limited access as well. So I’ve been restricted to working in the dining room for the last two months — not very convenient for others at home, especially come mealtimes. 

Previous Wi-Fi extenders that I’ve tried also didn’t seem to work as well (including a Xiaomi signal amplifier) because the connection is already pretty weak at the spot where I’d usually place the extender. 

In fact, I’ve already run through a gamut of Wi-Fi extenders and attempted multiple times to change the position of my wireless router. But as I’m staying with my parents and they control the aesthetics of the home, I’m restricted as to where these tech gadgets can be placed.

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