I tried the keto diet and lost 5kg in 3 months – but here’s why I’ll never do it again

Just a year ago, I became a little obsessed about losing weight after being called a “swine” by a close friend of mine.

Even though the fat-shaming wasn’t meant to be harmful but a casual joke, she felt totally bad after learning it had unintentionally caused me to go on a diet. The push factor, however, was seeing my weight shoot up to 53kg and that’s when I knew I had to do something about it.

According to an online ideal weight calculator, “47.85kg is an ideal weight for a 155cm height female”, so crossing over to the fifties wasn’t a good thing.   

While looking up on ways to lose weight, the ketogenic diet stood out to me because of all the success stories I’ve been reading up on and hearing positive things about it from friends. For one, the transformation is fast and visible, and you could easily shave off about one kilo in a week from the diet. So I thought there’s no harm in giving it a try.

My weight did drop to 48kg after trying the keto diet, but here’s why I’m never doing it again. 

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