Indonesia ministries ban pregnant, LGBT job seekers: Report

JAKARTA – Several Indonesian ministries are banning pregnant, disabled, or LGBT job hunters in favour of what one called “normal” applicants, the Ombudsman said on Friday (Nov 22), in a move slammed as “arbitrary and hateful restrictions” by a rights group.

The report comes as the world’s biggest Muslim majority country takes applications from millions of candidates who are applying for about 200,000 civil service jobs nationwide.

Indonesia, a South-east Asian archipelago of some 260 million, has seen a jump in discrimination against gay and transgender people in recent years – while sexism in the workplace is also prevalent.

On Friday, Ombudsman Indonesia commissioner Ninik Rahayu said an investigation found that the defence and trade ministries as well as the Attorney-General’s Office (AGO) were discriminating against candidates in their job advertisements.

“The Defence Ministry prohibits pregnant women from applying for a job, while the AGO and the trade ministry ban transgender people,” Ms Ninik told AFP.

“(The AGO) even made a hurtful statement that said ‘we only accept normal people’,” she added.

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