Indonesian toymaker’s grotesque figurines of Asian ghosts a hit in China

A cannibal, a conservative Australian politician wearing a burka and a Chinese vampire: it’s an unusual range of toy figurines and one that delights some collectors.

Indonesian toy company GoodGuysNeverWin has developed a string of offbeat limited-edition toy collections since it was founded almost 15 years ago, often based on real-life criminals.

Among them is Sumanto, arrested in Indonesia in 2003 for digging up an old woman’s body and eating it.

Forget Batman and Wonder Woman, this company caters to collectors who prefer their figurines grotesque. Its bestselling Setan Lokal (Asian Ghosts) series has been a particular favourite of the Chinese toy market and one the company hopes will sell well at its debut at the Taipei Toy Festival, which runs from October 10 to 13.

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