Indonesia’s premature easing of restrictions risks prolonged first wave: Experts

Indonesia was among the nations with a relaxed approach to managing the Covid-19 pandemic before meeting World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations for rolling back social restrictions, according to recent data from the England’s University of Oxford.

The Oxford Covid-19 Government Response Tracker collected data from more than 160 countries on measures taken by governments to respond to the current pandemic. The report looked at 17 indicators, including school closures, mobility restrictions, income support to residents and testing regime.

While Oxford said its indices cannot reflect Indonesia’s risk management, Indonesian epidemiologists, who predicted the first wave would reach its peak sometime in mid to end of June, are concerned that the premature easing might stretch out the pandemic.

On June 1, days before Jakarta entered a transitional phase to the so-called new normal, Oxford’s lockdown rollback checklist showed the country’s transmission control had scored 0.0 out of 1.0, while its testing and tracing capacity had scored 0.5.

Transmission control is automatically set to 0.0 for any country with more than 50 new cases per day.

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