Intel and Microsoft will continue to support existing Huawei laptops

There’s a small bit of good news for Huawei. Intel and Microsoft have confirmed that they will continue to support Huawei’s laptops, despite Huawei’s placement on the US Entity List, which effectively bans it from receiving US technology.

The Chinese telecommunications giant has seen a slew of US firms, and even those based outside the US, pull support over the past weeks, including key partners like ARM, Google, and Qualcomm.

Earlier this month, Huawei announced that its latest two generations of phones, including the P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, would be getting Android Q, which means business as usual for now for owners of newer devices.

However, Microsoft has thus far remained silent about where it stands on the Huawei ban, so the confirmation that both it and Intel will continue to support Huawei laptops provides some much needed clarity on the issue.

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