Internet laughs at antics of inattentive woman who got knocked down by carpark gantry arm

Before you head off to your Lunar New Year family gatherings tonight, I’d just like to nudge your attention to a dashcam clip that popped up on Facebook yesterday (Jan 23). 

In a video simply captioned “Look out when crossing road” on the Singapore Road Accident Facebook page, a young woman’s plight at Holland Village was captured in two acts via dashcam. 

The first: not paying attention while crossing a road and awkwardly dashing to the other side, presumably after getting honked at. 

The second: not paying attention (again) while crossing the road and getting knocked down to the ground by a descending carpark gantry arm. From the looks of it, that little bump seemed pretty painful too — enough for the arm to go up again. 

As if the affair wasn’t embarrassing enough that evening, the entire thing will live on forevermore on the Internet. We genuinely hope that the Year of the Rat brings better fortune for her. 

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