‘Invest in pregnancy kits’: Comments in response to new dorms for foreign workers disgust netizens

The unrest over issues of injustice in the United States has had a far-reaching effect across the world. Even Singapore’s social media influencers — typically apolitical — are expressing solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement to speak out against racism. 

But bigotry very much exists right here, with a portion of Singaporeans expressing prejudice against people from other backgrounds and countries. 

Though the stress of the Covid-19 outbreak on social faultlines was something that Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu addressed over the weekend, it didn’t take long for displays of racism and xenophobia to pop up again. Case in point: the uproar and snark in response to the government’s plans to build new foreign worker dormitories with better standards. Some of which will be built near residential estates. 

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