iPhone X engineer fired after daughter’s hands-on video goes viral

A seemingly innocent hands-on video of the iPhone X apparently got an Apple engineer fired.

In case you missed it, Brooke Amelia Peterson did a short hands-on video of the iPhone X – which belonged to her dad who was an engineer working on the RF and wireless circuit design for the device – on Apple Campus and uploaded to YouTube. Not surprisingly, the video went viral.

In her latest YouTube clip, Peterson claimed that her dad took full responsibility for letting her film the iPhone X and Apple “let him go”. She added that her father broke a company rule and Apple has no tolerance for rule violations.

While some people think that the dismissal is a little too harsh, the hands-on video includes some footage of confidential information such as special employee-only QR codes and codenames of unreleased Apple products in the Notes app.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has fired an employee for showing a product before its official launch in stores. In 2010, Apple fired a test engineer for showing a 3G iPad prototype to Steve Wozniak who was waiting in line outside an Apple Store to buy the tablet.

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