‘It’s almost like a hotel’: Singapore Airlines impresses even kings of K-pop BTS

It’s no secret that Singapore Airlines (SIA) is in it to win it when it comes to being the best airline out there, especially after they were crowned World’s Best Airlines in Skytrax’s 2018 World Airline Awards.

They even have a page dedicated to the list of illustrious awards they’ve received over the years.

It seems only natural that the reigning kings of K-pop BTS got aboard SIA for their journey to Singapore in the first episode of the fourth season of their reality show Bon Voyage.

Unfortunately, team mum Jin ran into a roadblock with his travel documents during the trip. He had to take a different flight and missed out on the luxuries bestowed upon the rest.

Upon entering business class, the members were immediately blown away by the impeccably furnished cabin.

“This plane is unique. It’s almost like a hotel,” J-Hope said.

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