‘It’s okay, they’re not dead’: Thai woman whose car hit a motorcycle carrying grandmother, grandson

An allegedly “drunk” woman whose car hit a motorcycle carrying a grandmother, 42, and her grandson on Sunday in Sa Kaeo province had only one thing to say: “It’s okay, they are not dead.”

The accident between the car and the motorbike occurred near Tha Krabak reservoir in Mueang district. The grandmother and grandchild, both of whom were injured, were helped to their feet by a local rescue team and taken to hospital.

A videoclip meanwhile showed the car owner, wet and allegedly drunk, standing beside her car and typing into her smartphone. She is heard in the clip saying: “Why do numerous people gather here? It’s okay, they are not dead.

“A witness also claimed the woman was drunk and said she was driving too fast at the time of the crash.

The child’s father said the woman has not yet apologised personally to his family but that she will send someone to negotiate on her behalf and pay the medical expenses. He also said the woman’s sister appeared in hospital to say sorry.

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