It’s time for another round of cringeworthy conversations on Carousell

It’s pretty common to have a love-hate relationship with Carousell. On one hand, you can get some pretty sweet deals on second-hand products. On the other, you might have to undergo some painful interactions with strangers.  

Hell is other people, and Carouhell is no different. Facebook user Dia Benzy has apparently made a mission out of showcasing the awkwardness of it all, having uploaded a series of cringe-worthy exchanges on the online marketplace last month. 

After going viral on Facebook for that post, Dia has returned to the fold with “Carouhell part 2”, yet another archive of Carousell’s finest conversations.

Some are dumb. Some are lame. Some are bizarre. All are hilarious. Take a gander at some highlights from the album and check out the whole thing here

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