Japan teen arrested after asking undercover police officer to join sex industry

A teenager in Japan, who worked as a street tout recruiting women into Japan’s sex industry, made a career-ending blunder when he approached an attractive woman in Fukuoka’s Hakata district.

She turned out to be an undercover police officer.

According to local media reports citing police sources, the 17-year-old had attempted to convince the policewoman to make sex videos as a way of earning income during the coronavirus pandemic.

“There are women who are short of cash at the moment because of the coronavirus crisis,” he said.

“So I figured I would do her a favour and offer her work in the sex industry or in adult videos.”

The teenager, who has not been named as he is a minor, admitted to police that he was working for a company that was on the lookout for new faces for the industry, the Nishi Nippon Shimbun reported.

He would identify likely-looking targets in the crowds of the city’s nightlife district, single out a woman who fit the profile and say: “My company handles everything from hostess bars to adult videos. Would you like to work for us?”

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