Korean boy, 6, is better at solving university-level math problems than most of us

At six, a boy from South Korea makes solving complex math problems such as gamma functions and Euler’s functions appear as easy as playing a game of tic-tac-toe.

Meanwhile, this writer struggled to remember if the word “sentence” was spelt with an “a” or an “e” when she was of the same age, and actually still relies on autocorrect to correct that mistake.

Although he has only got about 7,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel now, Lee Jeong-woo has got all the makings of a potential YouTube celebrity.

In his videos, the kid wizard embellishes a whiteboard with figures and sums that flow out of the tip of his marker like water, explaining his thought process as he goes along.

If that isn’t enough to prove his arithmetical prowess, he even managed to solve a problem from the MIT Integration Bee — an annual math competition that sets out to pit the undergrads in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology against each other — in under 15 minutes.

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