Lights, camera, action! Should you get an action camera for your next adventure?

Action cameras are great, they are compact, light and pack a ton of features.

You can attach them to various surfaces for a better point of view and they capture shots that other bulkier cameras are not able to. Most of them offer 4K footage too, ensuring that you get top quality images for all your moments.

If you are wondering whether you should purchase an action camera for your trips, then keep reading, as we break down why and what action cameras you should get.

GoPro or Go Pro?

PHOTO: Instagram/gopro

A common dilemma amongst most travellers is whether to buy an action camera or a DSLR. On one hand, the action camera looks great and checks most of the boxes, but is it professional enough for all the photo-taking you’ll be doing? On the other hand, DSLRs are relatively much more expensive and heavier in weight but gives you amazing images. And they make you look professional.

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