Local luxury: Malaysia’s first caviar brand, T’lur Caviar

On a quiet patch of land in Tanjung Malim, Perak, strange, miraculous things are happening. The land is filled with large tanks, which in turn, are filled with fish. So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Except that these fish happen to be sturgeon, a breed of fish that typically thrives in sub-tropical, temperate and sub-Arctic rivers, lakes and coastlines in Europe, north America and some parts of Asia.

Sturgeon fish are also better known for its roe, tiny little orbs called caviar that often fetch thousands of ringgit. And whaddya know? This little Malaysian farm harvests caviar too!


When I first meet him, Chien Wei Ho is all smiles, beaming with pride at the sprawling fish metropolis he has been instrumental in creating.

Chien is a Taiwanese national who has a strong interest in sturgeon fish. He previously owned a few hot spring resorts in Taiwan, where he bred sturgeon as a hobby. Most of the fish perished when a typhoon struck in the late 2000s.

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