Love bubble tea? Make a healthier version with these 9 ingredients

We never want to think about the sugar and preservatives that go into our cup of bubble tea. And we ask for lower sugar levels to help ease the fact that we are about to down a whole lot of empty calories. But, forget such troubles.

These nine ingredients will give your regular cup of tea a flavour kick, which allows you to make your very own bubble tea, only healthier.


PHOTO: Pexels

Squeezing a few drops of lemon or adding a slice of it into your tea adds a citrusy punch. Lemons are also packed with vitamin C to boost your immune system. Being a natural sweetener, a little bit of lemon goes a long way so you can give sugar a miss. Lemon goes especially well with black tea and earl grey tea.


Tea infused with honey can be found at many bubble tea stalls. But you can make your own healthier version at a fraction of the price. Simply add some raw honey into the tea of your choice.

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