Man set on fire in Hong Kong protests says he was standing up for justice

A construction worker set on fire during Hong Kong’s anti-government unrest last year told a court on Thursday that he was standing up for justice when confronting radical protesters who were vandalising a railway station, but said he was foolish to intervene rather than call police.

The middle-aged man recalled the November 11 attack, which left him with burns covering 40 per cent of his body, at the Eastern Court trial of two people accused of disorderly conduct in the lead-up to that incident.

Unidentified radical protesters set the man ablaze in the New Territories in one of the most notorious episodes of last year’s anti-government demonstrations, after he challenged their behaviour.

The father of three told the court on Thursday that he was hit over the head when he tried to stop black-clad protesters from smashing glass windows and damaging facilities at Ma On Shan MTR station on November 11.

He said he started to chase them but became involved in a scuffle with passers-by on a footbridge outside Ma On Shan Plaza, who he accused of blocking his path.

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