McDonald’s China adds Coca-Cola chicken wings to its menu – yay or nay?

McDonald’s has been surprising us with new limited-time items on its menu, offering twists on its classic favourites.

While Singapore is enjoying its Bandung Soft Serve and McSpicy Deluxe, McDonald’s China has rolled out Coca-Cola Chicken Wings.

As weird as it sounds, using Coca-Cola to cook chicken wings isn’t something new in China. The beverage company has even published a Coca-Cola Chinese Pork recipe back in 2013.

My aunt has also introduced me to this oddly delicious combination before — when grilled, the wings are coated in a sticky, caramelised glaze that comes from the sugary drink. 

The chicken wings in McDonald’s China, on the other hand, is cooked with soy sauce, Coca-Cola and other ingredients, then deep fried just like its regular McWings.

What do you think?

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