Microsoft ends Windows 7 support and security updates

Microsoft is ending support for its Windows 7 operating system, leaving users with the choice to upgrade or risk their cyber safety.

The software giant explains that users who continue on Windows 7 after support ends on Jan 14 will still be able to use their PCs, though they would be more vulnerable to security risks.

It states that it will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs with Windows 7, encouraging customers to upgrade to Windows 10 instead.

Mainstream support ended on Jan 13, 2015, while extended support ends Jan 14 this year.

Mainstream support covered new features and security patches. Once that ended, extended support continued to provide updates against bugs and security flaws but stopped introducing new features.

Analytics firm GlobalData predicts the end of life of Windows 7 would boost sales of new PCs or subscriptions to Windows 10.

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