Microsoft is laying off journalists and replacing them with AI

Microsoft is laying off journalists and editorial workers and replacing them with artificial intelligence software.

The company appears to be focusing its attention on Microsoft News and MSN, and the layoffs are part of an effort by Microsoft to use artificial intelligence instead of people to curate news and content for, Microsoft’s Edge browser, and its various Microsoft News apps.

Many of the workers who lost their jobs are part of Microsoft’s SANE division, short for search, ads, News, Edge, and are contracted workers that were hired expressly to help Microsoft pick stories.

According to the software giant, the latest moves are unrelated to the Covid-19 pandemic, and are simply a result of routine business evaluations.

Business Insider reported last week that around 50 jobs were cut in the US, and international teams haven’t been spared either. The Guardian is reporting that around 27 people employed by PA Media are being let go in the UK.

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