MP Louis Ng teases mane event in Yishun after netizens cry foal over viral horse sighting

Yishun’s a district known for the wild wild west antics that (for some reason) takes place yonder frequently, but nobody expected it to be a literal one-horse town. 

Netizens jockeyed for pole position in the comments section of a viral Facebook post yesterday (Oct 16) made by a man who goes by the name of Honda William. The pictures who posted were surreal, to say the least — a horse being led through a carpark in the middle of an HDB estate. How’s that for actual horsepower? 

The equine sighting took place in Yishun, the “best place to stay” for being an “adventures town”, noted Honda. The steed had been led down from a truck (they really got the horses in the back!) and brought somewhere unknown, with Honda having no idea why it was there in the first place. 

But pictures gotta be taken for the social media clout, of course. 

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