NetApp: 3 tech predictions in 2020

2019 was a year of rapid innovation and disruption for both the IT industry and the broader business community. With the widespread adoption of hybrid multi-cloud as the de-facto architecture for enterprise customers, organisations everywhere are under tremendous pressure to modernise their infrastructure and deliver tangible business value around data-intensive applications and workloads.

As a result, organisations are shifting from on-premises to leverage public cloud services, building private clouds, and moving from disk to flash in data centres – sometimes concurrently.

These transformations open the door to enormous potential, but also introduce the unintended consequence of rising IT complexity.

We predict that demand for simplicity and customisability will be the number-one factor driving IT purchasing decisions in 2020. Vendors will need to provide customers with modern, flexible technologies with the choice of how to use and consume these technologies to meet evolving business models.

As IT departments look to de-emphasise maintenance and hardware, reduce overhead, and adopt pay-as-you-go models, simplicity and choice will be key.

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