New Hong Kong police chief Chris Tang calls for support as university stand-off enters third day

SHANGHAI – Hong Kong’s new police chief called for the support of all citizens to end social unrest that has disrupted the city for more than five months, while protesters continued their occupation of a university for a third day on Tuesday (Nov 19).

About 200 protesters were still inside the sealed-off Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus, raising fears of bloody clashes with no resolution in sight.

China’s top legislature, commenting on a ruling that said a proposed ban on face masks worn by protesters was unlawful, said Hong Kong courts had no power to rule on the constitutionality of the city’s legislation, according to state media outlet Xinhua.

The statement came a day after Hong Kong’s High Court vetoed the ban, imposed using colonial-era emergency powers, on wearing face masks during public demonstrations.

The former British colony appointed a new head of police, Mr Chris Tang, on Tuesday to oversee the city’s force of more than 30,000 officers. Mr Tang said the force was not able to end the protests alone.

He also said “fake news” was undermining the reputation of Hong Kong police.

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