New LEGO art line is the perfect geeky homage for pop culture icons

Many geeks are fans of not just one intellectual property or hobby. And when the home slowly gets occupied with more statues, figures and posters of their favourite individuals from pop culture, space will no doubt be an issue.

When push comes to shove, one has to sacrifice one display piece over another in the name of saving space.

So why not combine all that you love in one display piece? That’s certainly what the new LEGO Art line aims to do. This new line comprises of posters of fan-favourite pop-culture characters that are built by LEGO tiles.

What’s interesting about these displays is that each set comes in not one, but up to four designs, and can be easily swapped out by “rebuilding” the display as and when one pleases.

So if you’re the sort to rehash your displays every now and then, this will be perfect to add some much-needed change of scenery.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the Iron Man and Star Wars sets can be combined to form a larger display, provided you buy three of the same sets, of course.

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