Not loving WFH? Here are 7 hacks to make life easier

While some of us are gradually returning to office life after Phase 2 of Singapore’s reopening was announced, many of us remain cooped up working from home (WFH).

If your WFH experience isn’t as productive as you’d like it to be, here are some great gadgets to optimise your WFH experience.

1. Turn your phone into a (wireless) webcam

Experiencing problems with your laptop camera? Perhaps your brand-new office-supplied laptop doesn’t come with a camera at all (story of my life) – how to have a conference call with clients?

Fret not – all you need is your phone (or better, an old phone lying around the house) and a car mount adapter to clip it onto. It’s probably clearer than your standard laptop webcam and you don’t even need a cable.

For Android users, download DroidCam from the Google Play Store and the accompanying Windows software here. It also works for iOS users, but there’s no MacBook software to go along with it. The free version works perfectly.

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