NTU’s campus magazine comes ‘alive’ with AR

The revamped quarterly publication, which caters to NTU’s students and alumni, now uses augmented reality (AR) to combine digital and print experiences.

NTU’s chief communication officer Dr Vivien Chiong told The New Paper on Tuesday that AR technology represents a new realm in spatial communication. She said: “Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone. It’s only a matter of time before we see AR being in-built in every hardware.”

Mr Don Tan, the creative director of HEY! magazine, said: “With AR technology, we want to make stories more interactive. For example, photos can ‘jump out’ of pages into 3D animation. Such concepts can make a story more engaging.”

Readers can download the NTU Hey! AR app on their smartphones and gadgets and hover the device over images indicated as an AR element to see traditional print come to life.

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