NUS team’s AI system first from South-east Asia to enter ranks of world’s top open-source software

An artificial intelligence (AI) engine built by a team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has become the first software tool from South-east Asia to be ranked in the top 300 projects by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), the largest open-source software community in the world.

The software, called Apache Singa, joined the ranks of other Apache Top-Level Projects in October.

It is a platform for deep learning, the branch of AI that attempts to most closely approach the workings of a human brain. This means the software can learn on its own and does not need to be fed all the answers by a human.

But deep learning is limited by its need for astronomical amounts of data and computing power. Apache Singa addresses part of this bottleneck by distributing the computing workload across a large number of regular computers without needing an expensive supercomputer, which is out of reach of most businesses and individuals.

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