Pay tribute to the King of Fruits with a durian AirPods case

Here’s one durian that you can actually bring onto trains. While we’re still in the midst of durian season, why not get an adorable Apple AirPod case that pays tribute to the King of Fruits?

Sold online by Asian pop culture brand Kawaii Nation, the shock-resistant silicone case offers all the protection of a durian husk without causing a big stink. It’s pretty much a novelty item, functioning as an AirPods carrying case (complete with a carabiner) that won’t cause your expensive earbuds to fall out should you drop the whole thing. 

As chunky as the silicone case appears to be, Kawaii Nation assures that wireless charging is still possible with the durian fitted on. No worries if you’re using the first-generation AirPods case, because there’s an opening for you to plug in a Lightning cable. 

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