Philippines’ Duterte renews threat to kill drug dealers after big bust

MANILA – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday (June 5) renewed a threat to kill drug dealers after police seized 756kg of methamphetamines, a haul he said proved the South-east Asian country had become a transhipment point for narcotics.

The crystal methamphetamine, with a Philippine market value that police put at 5.1 billion pesos (S$142.71 million), was one of the biggest seizures since Mr Duterte unleashed his bloody war on drugs, which has defined his presidency, in 2016.

“If you destroy my country distributing 5.1 billion pesos worth of shabu… I will kill you,” Mr Duterte said in recorded address, referring to the drugs.

He did not say where the drugs were believed to have come from but said the Philippines was a transhipment centre for Mexican drugs gangsters.

Mr Duterte also hurled insults at human rights groups for criticising his anti-narcotics campaign.

The United Nations said in a report on Thursday that tens of thousands of people in the Philippines may have been killed in the war on drugs, amid “near impunity” for police and incitement to violence by top officials.

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