Pocky unveils their first global esports partnership with Street Fighter

First, there were esports athletes and energy drinks. Then it was MOBA games and luxury fashion houses.

Now it’s Pocky and Street Fighter? My word, esports partnerships are getting quirkier and quirkier indeed!

Case in point, Ezaki Glico USA, who’s in charge of the famous chocolate stick snack, has just announced their entry into the world of esports.

They’ll be working with video game publisher Capcom through Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, but to be more specific, they’ll be doing so via a one-of-a-kind Pocky K.O. challenge campaign.

What’s a Pocky K.O.?

Hmm…you know how a Pocky stick has one long section that’s coated in chocolate and a small bit at the end that isn’t? Well, imagine that as a character’s health bar in SFV: AE.

What do you think?

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