Police deploy autonomous robots in migrant workers dormitory to patrol, ensure safe distancing

SINGAPORE – Autonomous police robots have been deployed at a foreign worker dormitory in the eastern part of Singapore to patrol the premises and ensure residents there abide by safe distancing rules.

Two Multi-purpose All-Terrain Autonomous Robots, or Matar, have been patrolling the dormitory – which has been gazetted as an isolation facility – since the start of May, complementing police officers on the ground.

The robots were previously deployed at a Government Quarantine Facility from mid-April.

Inspector Teo Wan Ling, who leads a team of over 15 officers at the dormitory, said the robots help the police cover more ground in a similar duration, as it can patrol separate areas from the officers.

The robot’s functions, such as cameras and speakers, can be controlled remotely by an operator in a command centre.

They can be dispatched to attend to minor incidents, reducing the need for officers to be physically close to those under quarantine.

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