Python emerges from a woman’s toilet in Cairns

A python startled a woman when it emerged from the depths of her toilet in Cairns, Australia on Sunday.

The woman, who lives in Edge Hill, called snake catcher David Walton to help remove the reptile, according to a post on the Facebook page of Cairns Snake Removals.

Walton removed the water python from the woman’s toilet. He said the snake was relatively young and smaller than many other pythons.

He added that the dry season means an increasing number of snakes being found in pipelines connected to toilets, laundries and bathrooms, as the snakes are looking for water to keep them moist.

This is not the first time Walton was called to remove a snake from a toilet. Last month he was called to remove one from the girl’s washroom at a primary school in Cairns, only to find it was a rat tail instead, The Chronicle reported.

Water pythons can grow up to three meters long and mostly feed on rats and other rodents.

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