Quran teacher in Indonesia allegedly molests 7 elementary school girls

A Quran teacher, identified only as AI in Jatinegara, East Jakarta, is suspected of molesting seven elementary school girls.

He allegedly offered his victims money for them not to resist nor divulge his deeds.

The abuse, however, was revealed after one of the victims’ mothers was suspicious of changes in her daughter’s body condition. The mother examined her child, who felt pain while urinating, and revealed that she had been molested.

“The mother asked her if she was sick and the child revealed that she had been molested by AI, who was a Quran teacher,” said Bambang Purwanto, 55, a member of a nearby community unit service, on Saturday, as quoted by

Bambang said that after finding out what had happened, the girl’s mother did not immediately report to the police but went to a number of her daughter’s friends and found out that there were others who had allegedly also been molested by the same person.

“The girl’s mother found out that apparently there were six other victims from three different community units, the majority of whom were under 11 years old, who claimed to have been molested by AI since July,” Bambang said.

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