Restaurant review: Mag’s wine kitchen comes full circle at Keong Saik road

It’s been a full 24 years since Magdalene Tang first opened the doors to Mag’s Wine Kitchen.

“That’s two cycles of the Chinese zodiac calendar”, she reminds us. And just in time, too, to ring in a grand re-opening.

Ironically enough, the veteran restaurant leaves its Circular Road residence to explore Keong Saik’s greener pastures.

After all, the young district has been wrought with many a new opening in the last year, some even clinching a seat in Asia’s Top 50.

Heading in, we’re met with the hustle and bustle of pre-service prep as Head Chef Ryan Tok and his team busy themselves with the mise en place – which wouldn’t be special if not for the fact that it all happens up in the front of the establishment.

The walk-through kitchen concept, warm interiors, and relaxed hospitality are by Mag’s wilful design to make the guest experience as homespun as a family affair.

The lady of the hour sweeps in just as we arrive, and already we’re regaled with her captivating life stories (and liberal amounts of wine). There’s no carefully-curated tasting menu here.

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