Rights group demands speedy probe into Thai cop accused of torturing dog

A Chiang Mai animal rights group that accuses a policeman of torturing a dog to death has asked the national police chief to speed up the investigation of the case.

Watchdog Thailand (WDT) today (June 1) submitted a petition and documents to police chief Chakthip Chaijinda, demanding justice for a stray dog named Tia it says was strangled to death by a Chiang Mai police officer.

Adopted by Chiang Mai University students, Tia had been dubbed the city’s favourite dog before being found dead a few weeks ago.

The petition submitted by WDT contained the names of 60,000 people who demanded justice for the beloved canine. Among them was Surin Methanee, a WDT adviser and a professor at the university.

Surin said he feared the dog would not receive justice since the chief suspect in the suspicious death was a policeman. However, Chathip promised the culprit would be dealt with severely even if he was a member of the police force.

WDT had previously filed a police complaint, accusing a police corporal of torturing to death Chiang Mai’s favourite dog.

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