Singapore-based Facebook user shares useful hack to reuse those tiny plastic stands in pizza delivery boxes

Ever wondered what the tiny tables or stands are for in pizza delivery boxes?

Also known as pizza savers, they’re invented to prevent the pizza boxes from collapsing. That’s how you get perfect pizzas without the toppings stuck to the top of the boxes.

Other than keeping your pizzas safe, did you know they could come in useful at home?

Singapore-based Facebook user Tom Yan shared on the Journey to Zero Waste Life Facebook page on Tuesday (Jan 14) how these tiny stands can be reused in our everyday life.

Me? I threw away all these pizza savers over the festive period without giving them a second thought.

Yan said on his post: “I collected a few (pizza savers) and refused to let these go to landfill”. He then forced himself to think of new ways to use them, and they’re pretty brilliant. 

Using his creativity, he has used the pizza savers to hang brooms, bags, and hooks for clothes.  

What do you think?

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