Singapore gamers are homebodies who prefer playing RPG titles on PC: GameStart survey

If you’re proud to call yourself a gamer and live here, it’s statistically likely that you’re one of the many Singaporeans who may still be playing Skyrim on a beast of a PC desktop. With dozens of mods installed, of course. 

With just a few days to go till their sixth (and sadly, final) convention, GameStart Asia released its inaugural gaming survey today (Oct 9), revealing quite a bit on the habits and behaviour of gamers in Singapore and its neighbouring countries. The results were collated from an online survey with 1,897 respondents from across Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, and the Philippines. 

“GameStart began five years ago to create an event that gamers in Singapore and this region would want to attend. At a point when there were scant insights on the local and regional gaming scene, the success of our first edition proved that there is an active gaming community,” explained Elicia Lee, GameStart Asia’s founder and Managing Director of gaming event organiser Eliphant. 

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