Size isn’t everything – and other tips for buying a better monitor

It’s getting easier and easier to work, chat and get things done on smartphones, tablets or laptops. Years ago, the desktop PC would have been used for most tasks. But today, is there any point buying a proper monitor any more?

Yes is the answer, because they still have their advantages.

One of those advantages is the ergonomic factor. A desk-bound monitor allows a better body position for the user. “If you’re sitting at a notebook for a long time, you will notice how it affects your back due to the uncomfortable position,” says tech tester Sebastien Bonset.

Bonset advises users to adjust the monitor so that your eyes are exactly in line with the upper edge of the screen. Workplace monitors come with clear requirements such as the ability to freely tilt the screen and raise or lower its height. Home users should expect the same capabilities.

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