Skeleton found sitting on couch in deserted house in Indonesia

JAKARTA – A human skeleton was found in a sitting position on a couch at a house in Sayati village, Bandung regency. The only thing left on its body was a light blue raincoat.The two-storey house had been deserted since it was bought in 2014 by Johan Rismana, who had never used or renovated it.

Margahayu Police head Comr Agus Wahi said it would be hard to solve the case as they had little information about the discovery.

“There is a lack of witness statements, no one has information on the skeleton,” he said on Thursday.

The skeleton was found by Johan’s helper Suherman, who was told to check on the house on Tuesday.When Suherman entered the front yard, he was surprised to see that someone had cut the grass in the front yard and planted cassava there.

The windows were broken and the door at the side of the house was open.

“He went in and saw the skeleton,” Agus said, adding that the last time Suherman visited the house was in May to clean the front yard, but he did not enter the house then.

The fingers and shin bones were detached from the rest of the skeleton, which was sent to Sartika Asih Hospital for autopsy.

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