Social media trend in China involves sneaking your own raw ingredients into hot pot restaurants

It’s something that you’ve either done before or wish you did: bringing your own ingredients to a hot pot restaurant in lieu of paying for the ones on the menu. 

Hitting Chinese hot pot joints with friends and family has pretty much become a new religion for many Singaporeans, with the likes of Hai Di Lao, Spice World, and Imperial Treasure assigned as culinary churches. 

It’s the same for folks in China too, and the latest trend spreading across social media involves some cheeky antics at hot pot restaurants. That is, sneaking in raw ingredients into the eatery and tossing ‘em into their boiling soups and stocks when the employees aren’t looking. 

It gets pretty ridiculous too, with patrons smuggling whole chickens, fish and vegetables in their bags before quickly dropping them into the pot. Cue the (annoying) laugh track. 

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