Sony brings music streaming to their new Walkmans at IFA 2019

If you’ve been looking at Sony’s Walkmans and thinking the only thing missing is the ability to do music streaming, meet the NW-ZX507 and NW-A100. Both of these Walkmans add Android with Wi-Fi, DSEE HX support, and LDAC support so you can truly enjoy your music whether you’re listening wired or wirelessly.

The NW-ZX507 stands out with its Φ4.4mm balanced connection along with DSD Native (11.2MHz) and 384kHz/32bit PCM playback supported by S-master HX, so you can truly enjoy listening in Hi-Res Audio. It also stands out thanks to its premium build.

The player has a high-quality aluminium frame and Copper milled block to give clear and powerful sound. Meanwhile, it also uses a newly developed FTCAP (high polymer capacitor) and Electric Double-Layer Capacitor to ensure bold bass levels.

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